Does your website produce the results you hoped for when you had your site created?

This forum is designed to help you find answers to the questions you might have in making your website worth the investment of time and money you’ve dedicated to it.

Though most think of a website as an ecommerce tool, there are many facets of your business that will benefit from a well-built website.  Websites can be used to advertise your business location, specials and other promotions that might drive traffic to your ‘brick and mortar’ location. Websites can be used to provide information about topics of interest, both free and paid.  Websites may be used to do ‘the little things’ that can be conducted without human interaction that provide service to your clients while freeing you manage other tasks.  Tasks such as scheduling, responding to general requests, FAQs, policies and directions can all be services electronically serviced by using a website.

The first step is to determine the need and uses for your website.  Websites are no longer about telling the public that you do what 100 other businesses do.  Your website should produce the results you need to make your website the directed tool you need to succeed in your business.

Use this forum to ask the questions that will make your site all you expect it to be.